• Dial 911 for any emergencies and inform the emergency dispatcher that you are at Heritage Rifle & Pistol Club, located at 110 Country Living Circle, Odenville, AL 35120 (911 address).

  • Contact the club president as soon as it is reasonably possible in the event of any accident or incident

  • Report any criminally suspicious activity or any illegal activity to the Argo Police Department

  • Report any violations of range rules or unsafe activity by another member to our club president


Heritage Rifle & Pistol Club Range Rules & Operating Procedures

These rules are in place for your protection, as well as to promote your enjoyment of the facility. Please adhere to them, as failure to do so may result in immediate dismissal from the club.

  • Basic NRA rules of gun safety must be followed at all times and under all circumstances

  • Never point the muzzle of your firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy, never point it or allow it to sweep yourself or another person.

  • Keep your finger out of the trigger guard until your sights are on the target

  • Keep your firearm unloaded until you are ready to use it

  • Keep your firearm unloaded when it is not under your direct control.

  • Eye and ear protection are mandatory for shooters and bystanders

  • No one may go forward of the firing line unless the range has been called "CLEAR" or “COLD” and all shooters have acknowledged this and made their weapons safe.

  • When the shooting line is called "COLD" or “CLEAR”, all shooters must unload all firearms before anyone goes downrange. There is to be absolutely no gun handling while the range is” CLEAR” or “COLD”.

  • You may collect your own brass that is on or behind the firing line anytime. Brass that falls in front of the firing line may not be collected until the range is declared “CLEAR” or “COLD”

  • Anyone on the range may call a “CEASE FIRE” when they observe an unsafe condition. When the command "CEASE FIRE" is given:

    • Stop shooting IMMEDIATELY

    • Remove your finger from the trigger

    • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction

    • Unload and safe your firearm until the situation has been resolved.

  • Firing a shot on the range that results in the bullet striking anything other than the target and/or backstop is not allowed. No rounds may be fired out of the berm area for any reason at any time. See beyond the target. Make sure all rounds impact into the shooting bay walls. Set up your target to minimize the possibility of ricochets.

  • Minimum distance for engaging steel targets is 10 yards. Use non-magnum pistols or birdshot only on the steel plates. No rifle cartridges may be fired at the plates.

  • Positively no alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are to be consumed or possessed on the property.

  • All Federal, state, and local firearm laws must be obeyed. Owners of Class III (NFA) firearms must be in possession of any special permits or paperwork required by law.

  • Lock the gate behind you- coming or going.

  • PICK UP YOUR TRASH BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!! This includes all targets, or items down range that may be considered debris and all items or residue of items that have been shot!

  • Competition range props are stored on each pistol bay, they include walls, barriers, barrels and they must never be shot or used as target stands. Anyone found doing so will be expelled from the club.

  • Shooting at aerial targets (clay birds) is allowed, but only on the shotgun range. All aerial shots must be fired straight down range to ensure that shot falls on our property and not on vehicles on the new rifle range road. Only #6 shot or smaller may be used on the shotgun range.

  • On the rifle range, the appropriate locations for targets and acceptable directions for fire on this range are limited to those locations directly in front of the line. All firing must be down range and targets must be placed so all shots strike the terminal berm.

  • No Tannerite, explosives or explosive targets may be used at HRPC at any time

  • In general; all firearms must be brought to HRPC property unloaded, all loading must be done on the firing line and all firearms must be unloaded before being moved from the firing line. However, persons legally authorized to carry a weapon, concealed or visible, may carry their weapons in the manner authorized by statute while on HRPC property.


There are two public target sheds. One is a wooden shed located across from Bay 1 & Bay 2. The second is located on the rifle range close to the benches. These sheds are made available for member use. It is up to the members to insure that this public prop sharing system works. The club is not responsible for any items belonging to any person that is stored in these sheds. You may choose to store your targets here at your own risk. If it is lost, stolen, or destroyed it is not the club's fault or responsibility. If a target is stored in these sheds it is available for use by any member of HRPC.


HRPC facilities are open for use by members every day of the year except match and work days, between the hours of 9:00 am Central (Daylight) Time and sunset (legal sunset time as stated by the national weather service).


Access to the Range for All Trainers & Instructors

Any certified trainer who is also a club member may conduct training at HRPC provided the following conditions are met

  • Trainer maintains an instructor liability policy and makes provisions for the club to be named as a certificate holder by the insurer in a certificate of insurance that is updated every year

  • Training dates are pre-approved by our club president and posted at least two weeks in advance of the class

  • Instructors must pay a usage fee of $15 per student per class to the club for all authorized events

  • No more than two pistol bays may be closed and used for any class


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